An Overview of Season Ticket Exchange Program

Have you heard of the season ticket exchange program? It can be a great way to get extra tickets for an upcoming game that you can attend in exchange for seats to a future game that you will not be able to attend. This program is meant for adding value to seasonal ticket packages and an excellent way to keep loyal supporters satisfied.

How can a season ticket exchange program benefit you?

The season ticket exchange program is essentially a self-service for exchanging tickets that you are entitled to in your package. You will have an account through which you can conveniently return the tickets for a certain game and exchange these for another, all through a single transaction. Anyone who is a seasonal ticket holder should be eligible to use this program.

The ticket exchanges must be done online via a simple self-service process. You have to log into your account, choose the game and seats that you are keen to exchange, and then select the new game/seats that you wish to book. You should be able to exchange all tickets that belong to the same seasonal package; in case you have bought some tickets outside the package, these cannot be eligible.

Things to remember when using a season ticket exchange program:

  • When you have a season ticket exchange program you should be able to use it for all games, apart from the Opening Day. But all exchanges, it must be noted, will only be possible provided the seats you have requested for are available. So, it is likely that additional games might not be accessible during a season. Exchanges are possible for any games that are available, even those that had not been part of your original package.
  • There is no hard-and-fast rule that you must buy the exact number of tickets that you are planning to exchange. You are free to return any or all the tickets for a specific game and exchange these with any number for the new game, depending on whether those many seats are available still. When you return tickets, their values will be equal to what you had paid at the beginning. New tickets will have to be bought at a dynamic price that can go up and down during a season. In case required, you may have to pay the difference between prices (if new prices are higher than original ticket prices) by credit cards.
  • In case you are not able to find new game tickets for the price you had bought your seasonal tickets for, you are free to buy tickets of lower value. When new tickets have lower rates than those you are returning, your account gets a Downgrade Credit. This may be used later only to buy any future tickets for that season; all unused credit expires when the season is over. It is now possible to buy many gaming tickets with cryptocurrencies obtained through online platforms such as the bitcoin loophole platform. Numerous Bitcoin Loophole reviews available on the internet vouch that this automated trading software is legitimate with no fraud ties. However, you must run a test to check its validity.
  • You can only exchange for one game at one time, not for multiple games simultaneously. The tickets may be exchanged 72 hours before the game. In case you have given away the tickets to your friends and family members they cannot exchange them again; this privilege is only for season ticket exchange program account holders.